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awesome stencil item

I was looking for a way to stencil a glass bowl and thought of this shelving paper at the dollar store. There is clear and white that actually caught my eye.
Yesterday I tried the paper on my eCraft. Love what I can do with it.

If you have an eCraft, you will need to use some type of matting underneath.  I have plastic matting used for quilting and it fit perfect in the machine. I had the pressure to 5 but might be able to go less.

Who doesn’t love butterflies

Like many crafters I have subscriptions to these how to make…..  but never had time to really sit down and watch or read them until a few days ago.

I’ve attached the URL to this post that inspired me to my creations.  The email I received caught my eye because it was on butterflies. My b/f is planning a 50th wedding anniversary for his parents and his mother loves butterflies. So, I told him about this article I read and that I was going to try it. 

Now if you watch the video on this, she will mention she uses nylons and not tights. If you look at the first two from the left, those were made with children’s tights and the one on the right was made from women’s white nylons.

I also used pink 20 gauge wire which I really like. I also created a middle by taking the same size circle that is used for the bottom wings and just smooched it until I liked the shape.  After I put the bling on, I took gold glitter paint and sprayed them. 


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